Project MOE is all about making the scene out of music shows using the light and video augmented modular constructions. Project MOE resists uniformity and insists on the belief that each music show deserves unique ambient. To make sure that music will be felt, ambience indulged and memory created, MOE customizes constructions and performances for each show.Our products range from stage design to the whole club and festival dancefloor concepts and can be found under the name MOE I, MOE II, MOE III and MOE CLB - concept for pop-up clubbing space.

In more details, MOE is a range of light and video augmented modular constructions made from multiplied physical objects on which real-time animation is applied, based on custom-made software. Each construction is fully adaptable to space size and volume and whole production is based on the do-it-yourself method.

MOE is not a one man band but the two-man orchestra. Simon Morasi Piperčić as product and spatial designer, and Vedran Kolac as interaction and motion designer are the brains and muscles behind the project MOE. They are simultaneously playing their parts as designers, manufacturers, executors and performers.

Since the project MOE started in 2009 it has won several design awards, exhibited and performed all over the Europe and has been covered all over the Internet (Frame mag, Designboom, PSFK).

Ask any show organizer who has worked with us to answer you this question: Is it wiser to spend nerves, months and fortune on making a stage or book MOE just a few weeks in advance and look the scene popping up and ambience sneaking in, there, at your place and in front of your eyes within a day?